· But in 2021, the best beginner DJ controllers don’t have to mean ‘expensive’, making getting into mixing more accessible than ever. There are many well-equipped DJ software applications that can be sampled for free or cheap, ranging from iOS apps like Traktor DJ or Algoriddim Djay to intro versions of Serato or Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox.


 · Looking to buy a Serato DJ controller, but not sure which to go for? In this article, I’ll explain to you what makes Serato and Serato controllers different from the pack, and then give you our five best DJ controllers for Serato for 2021, with both high-end and entry-level choices.


 · Once you take price out of the equation the Pioneer DDJ 1000SRT is the best controller for Serato. Pro-level gear that is capable of handling any situation. While it is an expensive piece of DJ gear you do get what you pay for. A controller built to last and at the top of professional-level Serato DJ controllers.


 · The best DJ controllers you can buy today. While Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox DJ mixing application remains, arguably, slightly in the shadow of the ‘bigger guns’ Serato and Traktor, used with Pioneer’s new flagship DJ controller, the DDJ-1000 it’s the perfect pairing. In fact, the 1000 is the closest thing we’ve found to condensing a ...


 · A lot of DJ controllers are more expensive due to better performance, but more affordable options for beginners are becoming popular. Additionally, more non-traditional DJ controllers and MIDI controllers are becoming popular for controlling DJ rigs and DJ computer software. For this article, we’ll take a look at all-in-one DJ controllers priced under $500. Here are the best budget DJ controllers for …


 · The Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 is a two-deck DJ controller for Serato DJ Intro (included) for Mac and PC with high resolution 5-inch metal jog wheels.. This is a pro grade class compliant audio interface with two headphone outputs and main output for connecting to PA systems or mixers. It also comes with two physical decks that come with a crossfader, dedicated browsing controls, individual …


 · Find the best DJ controller for you! Our top 7 picks for the best budget DJ controllers you can buy in 2021! Perfect for beginners & DJs who want to be a pro. ... If you prefer Serato as your DJ software of choice, Pioneer also makes a fantastic controller called the DDJ-SB3.


 · The Party Mix is a cheap Numark DJ controller. The built-in light show is a unique feature. As a compact controller, it still offers connections that other budget controllers don’t offer. It also stands out as one of the cheapest Serato controllers. This makes it a …

DDJ SX2 is a high end DJ controller. It is one of the best DJ controllers if you are looking to upgrade your system. It's got a four channel stand alone audio mixer with 3 band EQ, hardware filters, level meters for each channel and a pair of master output meters.

Of course, Serato DJ itself isn’t budget software – it’s easily as good as Traktor and RekordBox, it’s just that the selection is greater when selecting a Serato controller. The Controllers When it comes to Serato DJ, there are tons of controllers available across several manufacturers ranging from Roland to Numark and Gemini.