· It will feature transport controls for the decks, volume, speed, and EQs. On the other hand, a DJ mixer is a dedicated mixing suite. It will take inputs from record decks, CDJs or an external soundcard attached to a laptop that runs the software. The …


 · A dj mixer is typically an old skool analog hardware mixer while a controller is sending control midi messages (via USB) to control a dj software based mixer and software such as virtualDJ. 166 views Jason Sookram


 · I got into mixing songs and making beats about year and I wanted to buy a mixer/controller, the problem is I don't know what the difference between the 2 if there is one. I buy a lot of my electronics on sonicelectronix.com and on there ''DJ & live sound'' section they have a section for "DJ Mixers" and another that says "Mixers". what is the difference between the 2?


 · This is a Vestax VCM-100. It's a MIDI controller that has its own soundcard, and can control Traktor's internal mixer functions. But it is by no means a "mixer", as it can't fade/mix between two external sources. It must be hooked up to a computer, and controls only internal mixer functions.

Mixer. Both DJ controllers have features like the filter, headphone cue buttons, load buttons, browse, EQ section, channel level headphone level and master level. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3 has the more traditional looking mixer that has all the features that you need. The layout looks like a lot of Pioneer DJ gear which is a great thing.


 · -A mixer outputs a line level signal - it is not designed to output sound to passive speakers, it must first be amplified or powered speakers must be used.-A mixer accepts the line level audio signal from a CDJ-Allows the DJ to control what (if any) of the music being played by the CDJ is able to be heard on the master speakers

Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 Portable 2-channel Controller for Serato DJ The DDJ-SB2 is designed for beginners as well as professional DJs looking for quality performance. This controller has all the features of the DDJ-SB, but it has also been equipped with additional features such as a 4-deck control, pad trans beat effect trim pots, and many more.


 · Virtual DJ is also compatible with many types of DJ mixers and controllers because of its plug-and-play compatibility. If it is not compatible with a particular controller, you can always change the default settings. The ‘VDJScript’ Language feature in the Virtual DJ allows you to do some tweaking according to your liking.


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 · Balanced is better over longer distances (say 20ft or more) but for the short distance between your DJ controller and your desktop speakers, the RCA connections should be fine. One thing to note is that unless you specifically buy balanced TRS cables, you wouldn’t get the advantage of balanced audio anyway using the balanced TRS outs. Non ...