· Ableton Live is more fun and feisty when you add a hardware controller, turning the software into more of an instrument. Here are our picks of the best Live controllers available in 2020. It’s the de facto controller for Live. Many pick up the Live/Push combo on day one of their musical mission ...


 · The Push 2 comes with Ableton Live 10 Intro, which is the beginner version of Ableton 10. Whether you’re making beats in your bedroom or you’re playing live, the Push 2 is the best MIDI controller for making beats with Ableton Live. This video below breaks down the …

Dedicated Ableton Live controllers These high-quality hardware controllers were co-developed with Ableton to deliver seamless integration with Live. No setup or installation is required, just plug in, forget your mouse and get creative: jam in session view, tweak sends and FX, and discover new approaches that help you stay in your flow.


 · By using DJ controllers, musicians can perform absolutely anywhere in the world at any time. All you need is a reliable computer, and a DJ controller. Perhaps one of the only differences between Ableton live and DJ controllers is that Ableton is not a DJ software. It’s not primarily intended for use only by DJs.


 · Best overall: Ableton Push 2 “Ableton’s own controller is fantastically well-integrated and makes Ableton 10x more fun” Best for budget buyers: Akai Professional APC Mini “There are better Akai’s on the market (the MPC series) but for the money, APC mini is a great buy”


 · By giving manufacturers and developers easy access to the software tools required to build such layouts, Ableton has rather cleverly facilitated its own sub-category of the MIDI controller market. Nice move. Here, then, is our guide to the best hardware and iOS Live controllers …

It’s seen more as a controller for Ableton Live rather than a flexible instrument, like the Ableton Push or Launchpad. With the RGB pads, it’s easy to see and monitor which clips are playing and which are not. This makes it very usable for performing live in clubs and concerts, making the APC40 a favorite for DJs who do live mixing. 4 – Livid Instruments Base MIDI Controller. The Base is a very cool MIDI …


 · Ableton has preset effect racks under Audio Effects > DJ & Performance. Simply drag the effect rack onto the desired channel. Performing with Ableton frees up time that a DJ would normally spend beatmatching every track. This allows for the user to add live effects and remix with ease.


 · Just got Ableton Live 6. I'm here to ask a bunch of stupid questions, so bear with me. Cheers.


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