Tiësto's gear and equipment including the Apple Logic Pro X, reFX Nexus 2, and Ableton Live 9. ... Tiesto's DJ mixer of choice. more. Learn more Shop for this. Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus. Tiesto's uses the industry standard Pioneer CDJ-2000 Nexus. more.


 · The great thing about investing in DJ equipment is that the equipment pays for itself. When I bought my first rig I spent a good amount of money on it …

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 · Basic Types of DJ Equipment: While the choice of equipment combinations differ among DJs, an essential setup for every DJ usually includes monitor speakers, a mixer, turntables, headphones, vinyl records, or a laptop computer and DJ software. One setup may not fit a certain style, so it is important to mix and match gear to find what works best ...

Most DJ programs will support a variety of controllers from many DJ-gear manufacturers. Classic equipment brands like Numark and Stanton make DJ controllers that work with a variety of other brands. Numark was the mixer brand to have in the days of vinyl. Pioneer makes DJ controllers specifically designed for certain programs, like Serato DJ.

DJ decks - You can use vinyl turntables, CDJ players or even a pair of MP3 players. A mixer unit - This is the piece of equipment that allows you to fade between different audio sources. Mobile disco lights - No party is complete without some.

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 · Alright, first off, I know ALMOST absolutely nothing about DJing. Ive been really starting to enjoy the trance music from DJ Tiesto. I was wondering if anyone can help me and give me the basic information about DJing. Im mainly looking for the DJing things that do the trance music. How is the music made? on a computer? What equipment does what?

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