· This complete guide will show you exactly what equipment you need to start an online radio station and get up and running in no time. Here's what you will learn about: Broadcasting Software : Types of software you can use to broadcast live that map to equipment.


 · Radio Station Equipment for Your Professional Studio Setup. Everything you need is right here in the MCR Live studio setup. It's completely state of the art and contains all the radio station equipment you need to broadcast online. We have a mixing desk, microphone, pre-processor, headphones, and much more which we will get into soon.

Setting up a community radio station, whether it’s online, full-time or RSL, can be a daunting prospect. Everything from mixers to microphones, transmitters to tele-balance units need to be procured… And it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the sheer number of options available. This page features a sample list of Read more +

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A DJ mixer takes the sound from a turntable and sends it to your speaker system. Nowadays, many computers, tablets, and smartphones have mixer apps available. But for many DJs, there is no replacing the knobs and sliders that offer precise control over the system's volume, equalization and effects.

Some radio stations use a dedicated microphone audio processor for each microphone. This keeps the levels consistent, and helps tailor the sound. In the rack room… The Rack Room (also: Equipment Room, Master Control, Data Centre, etc.) is my favourite room in a radio station. This is where most equipment lives. It’s an exciting place. Computer


 · DJ and presenter Ryan Swain. A new Yorkshire radio station which is set to launch on Monday, January 4 has added local presenter and DJ Ryan Swain to its lineup. Ryan, from Malton, North Yorkshire, will present the Party Mix on YorkMix Radio every Saturday night from 8pm to 10pm.

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