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Looking for an Allen & Heath ZED-10FX to buy. I can get one around $200 (shipping+tax included), but was hoping to find a better deal somewhere.


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Providing it serves the same purpose as the one you saw, it is very likely a SPL meter or warning device. Probably tied to the venue itself, since the device looks different in some shot (as above the flight-case in this pic; don't ask about the DJ equipment piece that sits just left to the two empty beer cups, though!) Anyway, that's just my 0,02$

I would love to be able to play both, but a friend who is DJ, told me that I should stick to one genre and one style at least at the beginning, and then after I get some traction I can see whether I should start playing other genres. What do you guys think about this? ... help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts.


 · As the title implies, is the ladder side of the game dead? I did all my placements, got all 99% or higher, get placed in gold 3 and don't find any matches besides the bot.


 · In the last day, multiple leaks of the Rane One, a new DJ controller with motorized platters, have made their way on to Reddit and other online outlets. Editor’s note: this article was written purely with knowledge and insights from these leaks. No proprietary, embargoed, or insider information is included in this article.


 · Finding the Best DJ Controller For Beginners. So you’re thinking to get into the world of DJing. Well before you become master of the dance floor with the best DJ speaker setup on the block; you’ll need to find the right introductory gear to get started and learn the ins and outs of the game.. If you’re looking for good monitor headphones to go with your first controller check out our ...

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