Settings - Audio Setup CONTROLLER WITH BUILT IN SOUND CARD Most of the natively supported MIDI/HID controllers with built-in soundcards will offer a pre-defined Audio Setup. Connect the USB cable from the computer to the controller and make the …


 · Note: If you own a TRAKTOR READY controller, the configuration is done automatically via the Setup Wizard and you may skip to this article. Adding a Mapping for Your Controller. In order for your controller to interact with the TRAKTOR software interface, you need to add a MIDI mapping (Device) to TRAKTOR's Controller Manager.


 · MIDI Controller with DAW. The easiest, most effective MIDI setup is using a MIDI controller to operate virtual instruments in a DAW. The equipment and configuration are minimal. Here is what you’ll need to make it happen: MIDI Controller – Check out the Akai MPK Mini as a solution. USB cord – typically comes with the controller


 · An essential part of the work of a DJ is handling Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) files. As Pioneer DJ controller Serato category members, these controllers are among the best DJ MIDI controller devices to handle MIDI files in the market. The Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2 DJ MIDI controller is your go-to controller if you have to work with many MIDI files.

Virtual DJ provides the user mapping capability to support almost any external MIDI controller today. Virtual DJ uses its own action scripting called, “VDJScript”, when assigning the functionality of a MIDI controller. This tutorial will demonstrate how to edit and assign controls from within the Virtual DJ software to a MIDI controller.