· The Rane ONE is a 2 channel controller. It sports spinning, 7.2” platters, and the popular effect paddle controls, and it has a name that will spawn countless puns. The Numark NS7 immediately comes to mind when you first see the Rane ONE. While the comparison is fair, I believe it’s mainly due to the spinning platters.


 · It sure seemed like the era of spinning platters was over for Denon DJ when it was acquired by InMusic and many of the older products and designs were cast aside. But InMusic is doubling down on motorized gear, with the Rane Twelve control surface having launched earlier this year, and the new SC5000M announced last week.

For mobile DJ's, a compact all-in-one controller or a rack mountable controller is usually the best choice because these are the easiest to transport and set-up. For scratch DJ's, separate CDJ-style decks are usually the best choice. A controller with touch-sensitive and/or active spinning platters is important for scratching. Features to look for:


 · While DJ controllers are MIDI-assignable (and therefore customizable), they are usually designed with some software-dependent features in mind. For example, a controller with onboard screens might show the waveforms of the tracks you’re playing… but this will only work when used with the right software package.

Yes the spinning platters work with Traktor 2.11. This mapping effectively makes the Denon SC3700s useful again as originally intended - internal generated timecode allowing control of Traktor with the spinning platters PLUS the ability to midi map the entire layout of the Denon deck (outside of timecode controls).

Rane DJ Twelve MKII DJ Controller Features: Motorized DJ controller ; Works with Serato DJ Pro, TRAKTOR, and Virtual DJ; DVS/USB MIDI control allows you to take total control of your software; 12-inch platter provides a tradition vinyl feel; 3,600 ticks of platter resolution delivers unmatched precision; Four decks of control let you create a ...

2-channel performance DJ controller for rekordbox dj. Take your performance anywhere. The DDJ-800 2-channel DJ controller is a pro DJ setup that’s made to go wherever you do. This portable unit inherits the club-style la...


 · In 2008 Dj midi controllers are finally breaking free of their more conservative constraints and officially becoming completely bad ass. The biggest development, as I predicted several months ago, is the appearance of motorized platters in the midi world. Stanton, Numark, Denon and Vestax all premiered midi controllers that are using spinning platters in place […]


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** This is a pure midi mapping effectively using the Denon SC3700 as a controller only, no spinning platter - I'm working on a fix for this and will publish when it's ready ** Left Denon SC3700 .TSI File - controls Traktor Decks A and C Right Denon SC3700 .TSI File - controls Traktor Decks B and D