Hercules DJ Controller Compact Review. Are you still searching for an entry-level DJ controller? Maybe you have tried playing DJ before and want a simple, easy to understand controller to start off with. There are many entry-level DJ controllers out there, but one that’s generating quite the buzz is the Hercules DJ Controller Compact…

So for the website. I cant find it to install the software. I have windows 10. Luckily, there's google and I googled Dj control compact software and it looked like UK and US can use it. Im in the US. Downloaded the app for free DJ 18 software. Loaded my playlist and wala-I just became a DJ.


 · What comes in the box is, the Hercules DJControl Compact, a 35.4" (90cm) USB cable, a quick installation guide, and a paper and online manual. Technical Specifications The DJControl Compact comes with a two deck control surface, with the mixer controls in the center of the console.


 · It’s a compact and portable controller for DJing wherever, whenever. Folk who purchased it say that it works well not just with DJUCED software, but with Virtual DJ too. Amazon reviews say that it’s well-priced for what it does, is a great value and is a good controller for beginners.


 · The Hercules DJControl Compact USB Controller is an innovative virtual turntable, which will give you precise control over your beats. While the product is lightweight, compact and very affordable, it possesses an array of excellent features, which allow it …


 · Hercules DJ Control review is a detailed review about the Hercules DJ Control Compact super-mobile USB Controller.This is the most complete and portable DJ controller in the market as it is the real On the Go DJ companion. The whole system weighs less than 1.23 pounds so you can imagine how lightweight and portable the thing is. The controller ...

The Hercules DJControl Starlight is an ultra-compact, affordable, and portable DJ controller that serves great for DJs who need a practice controller or something small to take on the go.. Its built-in audio interface and included DJ headphones are part of the reason why this controller is such a great deal.However, this probably isn't the best option for those who want a long-term pro ...

So Hercules Starlight, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $90 Hercules DJControl Compact, as seen on the chart below. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Hercules Starlight is a more popular dj controller, based on its 300+ reviews. It's also worth mentioning that the $90 alternative...

There are a lot of good entry level DJ controllers, but the Hercules Compact is one that a lot of users will like. For beginners, the ease of use and layout will help them get started immediately, while advanced users will love the compact design and can use this as a backup or complement their main controller.


 · Hercules has come up with a multi-platform DJ controller that works with a laptop, a tablet, or a hybrid of both. We take a look at it in this review. The Hercules Univeral DJ is a small and thin controller, just a bit larger than my 13″ MacBook Pro.