Welcome to Hercules DJ! For more than 30 years now, we’ve been putting our passion for music right at the heart of our innovations and the development of our audio solutions. From the first sound card for PC with up to 64 polyphonic channels that we designed, to the first portable mixing console featuring a built-in audio interface, our ...

This vision led Hercules to create the very first dual-deck DJ controller for computers to feature a built-in audio interface, launched in 2003. Over the years, Hercules has acquired a huge amount of know-how, and enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in portable mixing controllers for computers.

Hercules DJ equipment is designed around DJ controller performance tools. They create lightweight, portable, multi-effect controllers for the mobile DJ. Hercules utilises pad performance controls, allowing the trigger of samples within digital DJ software. At Gear4music we have a range of Hercules DJ equipment.

25-09-2018 - The following hardware are compatible in macOS 10.14 Mojave with Hercules drivers DJSeriesInstall 5.99s and later: - Deejay Trim 4-6 - DJ Console Mk2 - DJ Console Mk4 - DJ Console Rmx - DJ …

Hercules DJ Party Set: Ultra-compact, 2-deck DJControl Starlight USB DJ controller for Serato DJ Lite, HDP DJ45 headphones, 5 beat-detecting LED wristbands. Pioneer Pro DJ DJ Package (PKSTP03) Starter Dj System - 2100 WATTS - Connect your Laptop, iPod via Bluetooth, USB, MP3's or Cd's! 10" Speakers, Amp, Mixer/Cd Player, Mic, Headphones.

Hercules DJ Control MP3: Dual deck DJ Mix Controller. 2 decks to load 2 music files as if 2 turntables. Portable DJ Mix Controller (235x200x65mm).

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All Hercules DJ products are standard MIDI controllers, and as such, can be used with any DJ or music applications that support this type of controllers. Among the most popular for Windows and OS X are: DJ Windows OS X Commercial/Free VirtualDJ Pro Commercial Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2 …

Hercules Universal DJ Hercules RMX2 Hercules DJControlWave series Hercules DJControl Air+ Hercules DJControl Compact Hercules DJControl Air Hercules DJControl Glow Hercules DJControl MP3 LE Hercules DJControl MP3 e2 (new) Hercules DJControl Instinct Series Hercules DJControl RMX Hercules DJConsole 4-MX. Manual.