· Buying DJ equipment - Mobile DJ's. If you're planning on starting a mobile DJ business separate players and a mixer will not be necessary. But you still want to make sure you have good reliable kit. You'll most likely want to buy a DJ controller as these offer the best value for money and make kit transportation much easier.

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 · Rent or Buy? Renting a wide range of DJ equipment is the best option for DJs who do not have the budget to purchase all the gear they need. This is particularly advantageous for those who are just starting out in developing their skills as a DJ and may not want to invest a large amount on professional equipment until they feel more confident in ...


 · There’s no magic to make your 15 year-old CDJ-1000s worth $1,000 a pop, but there are some things you can optimize to capture maximum value from your used dj gear. Basic Cleanup Just like you’d clean up your apartment before renting a room, you want to perform basic hygiene on the gear …