Note: Diagram shows knobs viewed from below. Encoder knob base diameter: 18.5mm x 15.4 mm tall; Faders: 22mm long x 12mm wide x 14.25mm tall; Faders MK2: 22mm …

YOUR FILTER KNOBS ARE 90d ALL OTHER KNOBS ARE 180d. FREE ” Knoblifters will be added to your order of $30.00 or more. All of our knobs are rubber coated and come in two colored Lines, Black or White in 13 colors. Small knobs are mainly for small controllers …

EQ Knobs. Another important part of a DJ controller that you must familiarize yourself with are the EQ knobs. As you probably know already, EQ knobs will change the balance of the sound frequency being outputted. 99% of controllers out there will have 3 knobs …

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How to Use a DJ Controller. Watching an expert DJ using one of the best DJ controllers with features several flashing lights and buttons can be overwhelming for a beginner. DJ controllers are equipped to assist with mixing audio files by utilizing software, knobs, faders, touch strips, backlit buttons, jog wheels, and various other elements.

4-Deck DJ controller with integrated audio interface and Traktor Pro 3 software. A total of 30 touch-sensitive controllers and faders. ... 3 pressure-switchable rotary knobs and 8 normal rotary knobs. Eight rotary knobs for simultaneous control of all thomann effect parameters.

Pioneer DDJ SZ Colored Knob Kits ($ 88.20) reviewed by DJ Clint The best knobs for any mixer that you want to customize, great feel on the fingers and easy to see in low light.


 · The Pioneer DDJ-1000 DJ controller is a state-of-the-art replacement to the XDJ-RX2 Rekordbox controller. It’s one of the most advanced products on the market, packed with features like an LCD on-jog display. There is a range of FX options to choose from, and a …

Q: What is a DJ Controller? A: A DJ controller is a device that's used by DJs to combine music and various types of DJ controlling. They use many different elements, including knobs, touch strips, encoders, jog controllers, and faders. When looking for the best DJ controller, remember that they are available in many different sizes and shapes.


 · The Gemini G4V 4-channel virtual DJ controller boasts tri-band EQ, and one each channel, you have a gain and filter control hotkeys for the sampler, hot cues, auto, and manual loop. With touch-sensitive jog wheels, the backlit performance pads, and an LED monitor to visually give you feedback, this is one of the easier-to-use controllers.