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The DJ starter pack - A high-quality, full set-up for beginner DJs With our new DJ Starter Pack you have a single package that contains all the DJ equipment you need to get started. The box includes our compact DJ software controller, the DDJ-WeGo4, which you can use to mix music and add effects via our rekordbox dj professional DJ software ...

The DJ Starter Pack contains all the DJ products you need to start DJing. The package includes a DDJ-WeGO4 controller, DM-40 speakers, HDJ-700-K headphones and rekordbox dj DJ software.

DDJ-FLX6. 4-channel DJ controller for rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro. Flex Your Boundaries. Captivate your audience with the DDJ-FLX6. Packing a host of brand-new features, this 4-channel unit makes it easy to hype up the audience, ...

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Serato DJ Starter Pack with Monitor Speakers $ 668. SKU: PK-DDJSB3 Categories: All Packages, DJ Equipment, DJ Packages, MIDI Packs. Pioneer DDJ SB3 Package The Pioneer PK-DDJSB3 is a complete DJ controller packages designed for aspiring DJ wanting to learn and refine their skills. The pack features all the components you need to ...

Hi all, Can anyone tell me if there is any difference between Sample pack and Sample Plus Pack? I have a ddj 800 and can download from the Rekordbox menu, however it's only called the 'sample pack', the 'plus' would suggest a more enhanced pack?

The Pioneer DJ DDJ400 Pack is a complete DJ controller packages designed for aspiring DJ wanting to learn and refine their skills. The pack features the new Pioneer DDJ-400 DJ controller and Pioneer DM40 active DJ monitors, perfect for listening to your mixes while you perfect your skills.


 · This video gives a step by step guide to setting up the versatile Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGo4 with the included software; rekordbox and the rekordbox DJ plus pack. ...


 · Hi I have tried to download the sample plus pack but it will not let me it show number up to 120 saying it down loading but it does not down load. I have a pioneer ddj rb is that why Anthony joseph December 31, 2017 13:43 Share

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