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Pioneer DJ products are the industry standard for Professional DJs and Clubs. Multi format DJ players, DJ Mixer, DJ Headphones, Effectors,Speakers and DJ Management Software. Player. Stands out for its focus on usability, pro features, performance & stability. Explore. Mixer.

Pioneer DJ has been the industry standard in DJ setups for nightclubs and festivals for over 20 years. Mastering the club mixer with the DJM series and the CD turntable with the CDJ series, Pioneer DJ has defined club DJing since the earliest days of digital. They remain the leader in all of these categories, as well as the creator of the highest-quality DJ controllers, dj turntables, and dj ...

Explore Pioneer DJ’s range of DJ multi players — including the pro industry standard CDJ models, and great beginner options. Click now to learn more.

Pioneer's attempt to address the shortcomings of existing players from a DJ's perspective was 1994's CDJ-500. (It's been claimed elsewhere that a model called the CDJ-300 came first, in 1992, but as far as Pioneer is concerned, the 500 is the beginning of the line.) The deck was cutely clunky in a similar way to early mobile phones—you loaded ...


 · CDJ-2000NXS2: Industry Standard. Current Price: $2,199 in the DJTT store; Release Date: February 2016; Best For: DJs who want an identical set of decks as what most clubs will have; The CDJ-2000NXS2 is easily the most common club install deck out of Pioneer DJ’s full lineup. It’s the standard that other digital DJ players are compared to.

Pioneer Professional Audio Professional Audio The powerful combination of innovative technology and dance industry expertise delivers the best dance music sound to clubbers all over the world.

Pioneer DJ Products are the standard for Professional DJs including Digital Turntables, DVD Turntables, CD Players, Mixers, and Headphones.


 · The Pioneer DJ DDJ SB3 is a two-channel Serato dedicated DJ controller, suitable for every budget. Even if it is a combact and light tool, Pioneer still managed to include big knobs and fades with a nice feel, dedicated per channel filter knob, drum pads, and two large, low-latency jog wheels for great scratch response and accuracy.

Denon was also pretty much the DJ name to beat in terms of CD players; Denon dual CD players were the industry standard in any club that had CD players (most DJs were still playing 90% of their nights on vinyl). But, the Denon single deck suffered from something absolutely debilitating when it …