Having other audio devices connected (especially other soundcards/interfaces) can conflict with connected Serato DJ controllers and may result in no connection. Unplug any other audio devices, uninstall or disable any other audio drivers in the Device Manager and remember.. restart your computer!


 · @Bert > If Serato DJ is sending MIDI signal out to those LEDs (which can receive info on when to illuminate), then certainly, that could be the problem. First thing I'd do, go into the Serato DJ SETUP and go to the MIDI tab. At the bottom where it says "enable output lighting," un-check that.


 · Thought the kit just needs to be restarted. Fired it up today, still not working. I have updated rebooted kit, rebooted laptop, updated kit firmware, updated Serato DJ. Still no joy. Please help. Buttons light up but nothing happens. I need these FXs. I have grown to love them. PLEASE HELP URGENTLY. I have a gig coming up in a few days.

Close the SETUP screen. Click the MIDI button near the upper right-hand side of the Serato DJ Pro main window. This will enable MIDI assign mode and open the MIDI panel ready for custom mappings. You can now click on a Serato DJ Pro software feature, then touch a control on your hardware and Serato DJ will link those two mappings.


 · The filter knobs are just that – filters – unless one of the little FX buttons is pressed. When that is the case, FX1, FX2 and FX3 turn on Serato DJ Lite’s three effects consecutively and the Filter knob controls the effect. you have to select the effect you want with the …