· Rekordbox some files missing after export, not in "display missing files" maanger All my tracks are on my USB drive, stored in folders, analyzed and imported to my collection in playlists. I can play every track in the explorer or from the playlists in my collection without any problem.


 · Hey guys, I dont know if anyone agrees with me, but I would love to have the UI of Rekordbox DJ mimic the screens of the CDJ's more. I think the Export version of the "track screen" is better than the Performance version. I get why you would want a rotating platter, but the BPM and Tempo make it crowded. Also the full length waveform is quite tiny.


 · Display resolution: 1440p rekordbox mode: Performance Plus Packs: dj. Internet connection: Virgin Media. on my PC results in ~10ms ping (to another nearby virgin server), between 100 and 200Mbps download speed and 10-20Mbps upload speed - absolutely plenty for streaming music and considerably better than most clubs would have.


 · Itunes files missing in rekordbox. Hi, I looked high and low so I wouldn't have to post but here goes: I had to set up my iTunes library twice on a new laptop and installed and used rekordbox 4.3.1 after the first install and it worked fine. I was able to even output music to a usb drive (some "media file missing" which I think is a different ...


 · Rekordbox not allowing me to find missing files So this is the situation: As you do i pinched a load of tunes (ie pretty much copied the whole memory stick) onto my laptop from a friend.


 · @pioneer dj i did display missing files it went auto relocate in my computor hardrive it checked it did not auto relocate to my external drive where all the files are how do you get it to go to your external drive i did relocate on a file and it work that way to my external drive i cant do one by one on that also how do i work from my dropbox instead of my external drive


 · You are missing a service pack update; click one of the following links depending on your operating system: Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 / …


 · This file is located in your folder C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Pioneer\rekordbox. For the PIONEER DDJ-SX2, Rekordbox sends CC messages on CC# 2, MIDI channel 1 for deck A and MIDI channel 2 for deck B. This CC has a value from 0 to 127. In the PIONEER DDJ-SX2.midi.csv file, its listed as ChannelLevel,ChannelLevel,Indicator,,,,,B002,B102,B202 ...


 · Heres now the problem...Since rekordbox crashed and lost all my music, I have now added it back into my COLLECTION. It also comes up with a lot of (!) missing files. So I FILE / DISPLAY ALL MISSING FILES. Around 600 of them. Now I'm painfully having to churn through them 1 by 1 going into CONTENTS / ARTIST / ALBUM / TRACK.


 · i just got this message. I upgraded from 2.4 to 3.0.....and boom! PLease help. ive rebooted, unplugged, plugged back in and still get message