· If so, the new Novation Twitch DJ controller may be right up your street. We’ve had a Novation Twitch for review for a week now. We’ve devoured the manual, tested the features, and played a real-life gig using it. So we’re in a great position to answer the question: After all the hype, is this diminutive little controller …

Although the Twitch is essentially a DJ controller for Serato, it does a mean job of handling Traktor and Ableton, too. The Ableton Live Twitch Translator …

The Twitch is built to make sense to a controller style DJ. It is VERY different than using traditional turntables or CDJs but in my mind that's a very good thing. The control strips on this device that have replaced the round control platters …

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 · Rane has announced the Rane One, a motorised DJ controller for Serato DJ that is aimed squarely at scratch DJs. (Read our full Rane One Review.) The $1500 two-channel controller has 7″ heavy duty players, based on those of the Rane Twelves, and a mixer that feels like a cut-down Rane Seventy, complete with FX … Continued


 · The Novation Twitch is an DJ Controller that comes with a user friendly interface that hooks to your set up via USB. It has 16 trigger pads, and comes with Serato software. I do not use the Serato software though; I have never been a fan of it from years ago.


 · Want our free DJ training and guides for beginners? Sign up here: The Novation Twitch is the first DJ controllers for Serat...

Product Overview Novation TWITCH is a DJ controller with a completely new take on DJing and performing. It has Touchstrips to navigate tracks and you can slice-up your beats and mix them back together – totally on the fly. TWITCH has a built in audio interface which is absolutely rock-solid with headphone, booth and main outputs.

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